Book and Lyrics by Frank Ceruzzi & Blake J. Harris
Music by Trent Jeffords

WIKIMUSICAL was just awarded Second Prize in New Musicals Inc.’s 2016 Search For New Musicals!

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06Search Engine CrashWIKIMUSICAL tells the epic story of two estranged brothers who find themselves, quite literally, trapped in cyberspace. To get back home, they will need help from allies like the Cuddly Kittens (who may or may not have created the Internet) and an omniscient Narrator (who may or may not be Morgan Freeman). With an Alice in Wonderland-like logic and wit, this satirical new musical explores how our preoccupation with the virtual world has affected our ability to live in the real one.

WIKIMUSICAL had its world debut July 2014 at The Pearl Theatre Company Performance Space as a part of The 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival.